MADE EASY has been providing quality education to students spread all over India for more than a decade. MADE EASY Academics Department is a fine blend of experts from various Ivy League engineering colleges and institutes, IES qualified top rank holders, Professional Experts and Retd. Scientists from reputed technical and scientific organizations. MADE EASY employs a wide teaching base of technical and non technical experts comprising in-house and visiting faculty. MADE EASY’s in-house faculty comprises academicians who play a key role in designing and constantly updating the curriculum offered by full-time programs and ensure that the curriculum meets the latest examination requirements. These experts are masters of their subjects and well known all over India for their contribution in books and national & international journals. Experienced visiting faculty is mainly drawn from the reputed institutions that provide useful insights into real-world situations and help students chart a successful career path.

MADE EASY teachers, besides being highly knowledgeable have vast experience in teaching in their respective areas. Their vast experience translates into enhanced learning by students. Immense experience and knowledge of teachers further leads to building rock solid fundamentals, proper understanding of the subject and clearing the doubts of the students. As a result of the above mentioned points, students develop a keen interest in the subject and feel confident and motivated.

The faculty at MADE EASY are not only teachers and professors, but students look up to them as mentors and guide beholding the beacon of their successful future and showing and helping  them to transcend the tough competitive journey and bring out winners from average students. The dedication and commitment of teachers and experts at MADE EASY can be owed to Mr. Singh and his positive passionate personality. Mr Singh’s mere presence enthuses high energy in entire team, which is so transmittable that it finally inflicts students as well and they find themselves more than motivated to achieve their targets. This transmission of energy can be as success correlated to the students every year, including toppers year after year. In its more decade- long presence, MADE EASY has constantly been chosen as partner by several thousand students each year.


Our faculty comprises of:                         

  • A group of highly experienced 15-20 Technical subject area Experts (including Ex. Professors and IES Toppers) for each branch having specialization in respective area.
  • A group of 7-8 non-technical experts for exclusive coverage of non-technical sections to create cutting edge advantage.
  • Special sessions taken by a group of IES qualified and GATE toppers aiming at personal support and individual attention for technically weak students.
  • A group of 4-5 experts for training students for personality development, GDs, Interviews, improvement in communication skills, motivation and  psychometric sessions to improve the overall personality thereby improving performance in interviews, GDs and other personality tests.
  • Assistant Faculties conduct doubt clearing sessions to help the students and pay individual attention to clarify their doubts. Feedback is also given to perform better.